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Tourists attacked in Ethiopia

November 15,2016

Tourists from Slovakia and Czech republic are reportedly attacked in South Ethiopia sometime last week. The number of tourists that came under rock is said to be six in number, according to the report.

Ethiopian driver,not identified by name, was shot and died in hospital according the report.

At least six people are involved in leading the attack on tourists who were also robbed of valuables. Respective embassies of the victims coordinated effort to return the tourists to their countries.

Violence and robbery against tourists rather sounds very outlandish given the record of Ethiopia in that regard but is recurring in recent months since the outbreak of widespread protest. However, there seem to be voices that tend to be cautious when it comes to arriving on conclusions about attacks on foreigners on grounds that there is a possibility for these kinds of attacks to be coordinated by the regime for purposes of blackmailing the popular movement.

Many countries including United States and Canada issued travel advisories after the outbreak of the protest.


In early October, an American post-doctoral researcher was killed in Ethiopia when the van she was in was attacked in the town of Sebeta -just outside of western Addis Ababa.

Ethiopia is currently under state of emergency and tourism industry is reportedly hit after significant decrease in the number of tourists.

The attack on tourists came after the regime in Ethiopia claimed “calm” is restored after state of emergency ad that the country is ready for tourists.

Apart from the attack on tourists, there are still indications, based on citizen report on social media, that tensions are high in many parts of the country.

Tourism became one of the major foreign currency earner for Ethiopia before it plunged to an all time low following the state of emergency.

With its thousands of years of history, rich cultural heritage, traditions and location close to the equator, Ethiopia has numerous natural and historical tourist attractions including endemic animals.


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