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Ethiopia : SBS Amharic interview with Muluken Tesfaw

November 14,2016


Muluken Tesfaw published on a book entitled “Ye Tifat Zemen.” Apparently, the book recounts the plight of Amhara people – a primary target of attack and hatred of the ruling TPLF. Other radical ethnonationalist parties like Oromo Liberation Front demonstrated same level of hatred, if not more, towards Amhara – what is now described as second populous group in Ethiopia. Historically, Amhara endured immense all forms of hardships in the effort to maintain Ethiopia’s independence and freedom. Before the regime in power formed ethnic based federalism, Amhara lived virtually in all parts of Ethiopia and is the most intermingled group with different language speaking groups in Ethiopia.

Kassahun Seboka of SBS Amharic spoke to the author. Check audio above to listen.


Cover Photo : Muluken Tesfaw
Source : SBS Amharic



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