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Ethiopia : Global Alliance for Justice – The Ethiopian Cause

November 15, 2016

Video credit : Reyot


In an interview with Kidane Alemayehu,Executive Director of Global Alliance for Justice : the Ethiopian cause, Tewodros Tsegaye raised questions regarding the nature of Global Alliance for Justice’s project and its relevance.

Overarching goal of the organization is to pursue justice for war crimes and genocide committed by fascist Italy during five years of invasion in the 1930’s.

Nearly 1,000,000 Ethiopians were exterminated as a result of fascist invasion and Italy paid nominal war indemnity which was spent on the construction of Koka Dam.

The director is of the view that the indemnity is negligible compared to the damage caused to Ethiopia. To that effect the organization seeks to achieve five objectives : make Italy pay proper war indemnity and apologize formally, recover looted objects during the war, make Vatican apologize – it hasn’t yet – for blessing fascist attack on Ethiopia and recover more than 500 historical documents in Vatican archive, make the United Nations to formally recognize war crimes and genocide against Ethiopia and last but not least, make the government of Italy remove the statue of Rudolf Graziani – who is responsible for the massacre of hundreds of thousands of Ethiopians. As part of the effort to achieve its goals, the organization in planning an international conference in about a year time.

Tewodros Tsegaye shard an observation that could perhaps shake you to the core. In Addis Ababa, a certain Italian restaurant owner practices discrimination against Ethiopians ; he bares some Ethiopians not to use the restaurant at will. Worse, seems like he hired an Ethiopian who greets Italian users in the fascist way of salutation by raising hands. This is happening to TPLF’s Ethiopia. From Tewodros’ observation, there seem to be no resistance to it in the entire Addis Ababa. This would have been something that could cause outrage in the past. There is no doubt that the existence of practices reminiscent of fascist Italy is inline with TPLF’s goal of psychological attack against Ethiopia and Ethiopians.

In fact, it is fresh in our memory that the ruling Tigray People’s Liberation Front arrested Ethiopians in Addis Ababa for protesting against Italian ultra-right, neo-fascist, project to erect a statue for Rodolpho Graziani- who is dubbed in history as the butcher of Ethiopia.

Global Alliance for Justice : the Ethiopian cause has an active online petition campaign on its website (Click here ) and the organization thinks that the petition is important to achieve its goal. What is needed is 100,000 signatures.

Based on the interview, it seem like there is a precedent in other countries. Israel,Armenia,Indonesia,Namibia and Kenya, among others, pursued similar projects and have attained desired goals.


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