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Ethiopia : Anqash in Gonder under siege from TPLF forces

November 13,2016,

Regime military forces Source : Social Media
Regime military forces
Source : Social Media

Social media reports indicate that Anqash, a district in Gonder region of Ethiopia, is totally under siege from Tigray People’s Liberation Front forces.

The news is not confirmed from other sources. However, it is known that there has been renewed battle between armed peasants and regime forces in Gonder for more than five days now. Voice of Amhara radio reported yesterday that nearly 50 government soldiers are killed because of intense fighting between TPLF forces and people in the region.

The social media report added that military reinforcement is sent to the region this week and called on Amhara resistance fighters to check the advance of military reinforcements from different directions.


Gonder, which is part of Amhara region in the current ethnic based administrative arrangement, is a heavily militarized zone after the TPLF regime deployed huge defense forces in August of this year. The region came under extensive military attack after state of emergency was declared in October which is still in effect.

There seem to be causalities on the side of peasants in the ensuing resistance to military siege in Anqash but number is not known at this point in time.

Gonder endured massive military attack from TPLF led government. Children,women and elderly people had been victims of the military attack and the extent of atrocity is not fully recorded because of communication blackout that the regime imposed under the state of emergency.

In Gonder and Gojjam regions of Ethiopia alone, at least 500 deaths of civilians is confirmed by human rights organizations based in Ethiopia.

At the center of popular protest in Gonder and the rest of Amhara regions, as in elsewhere in Ethiopia, is opposition against minority regime of TPLF and identity question as it relates to the district of Wolqaite which used to be part of Gonder- unmistakably Amhara if it is to be identified by ethnicity.


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