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Story of corruption : here is what a resident from Haik, Wollo, had to say

November 12,2016


The story in the video is a story of corruption. Residents of Haik, in Wollo were supposed to get a hospital but the project is stalled. But residents are not saying it like it is.

Apparently, they do not even why the project is delayed. “I have no idea whether this is a problem with the contractor or problem on the part of the body that gave out the contract” says a resident.

Following the popular anti-government protest, which is about fundamental political change, the regime undertaking campaign to domesticate the demand by way of portraying it as an administrative issue. Among other things, a new cabinet is introduced and change in personnel is expected to happen at the level of regions as well- according to report by state media.

At least 1000 civilians are killed in different parts of Ethiopia during the movement for political change since the month of July 2016 alone.

The uneasy calm like state in the country in Ethiopia seem to be not durable,say observes, since the very reason that caused the nation wide protest is not addressed in the interest of the people.


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