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Ethiopia reportedly arrested two Egyptians


November 9,2016

Taha Mansour  Source : Capital Ethiopia
Taha Mansour
Source : Capital Ethiopia

At least two Egyptians are reportedly arrested in Ethiopia. One of them is identified as Taha Taha Mansour. He was assistant manager at Radisson Blu Hotel and was taken from the hotel since October 31, according to Capital, the news source.

The other Egyptian is not identified by name. The circumstances under which the Egyptians are arrested and the motive behind is not clear.

From the report, although not confirmed, more Egyptians appear to be arrested by Ethiopia. Ethiopia has been accusing Egypt of supporting forces that regime in Ethiopia consider to be “anti-peace” forces. No substantive evidence is produced so far to support the allegation against Egypt.

Not clear if Egypt is doing something about the arrest of its citizens at this point.


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