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Donald Trump elected president of United States of America. What does it mean for Ethiopia ?


November 09,2016

Donald Trump won presidency
Donald Trump won presidency

At the begging of the race for American presidency, perhaps the most improbable candidate was billionaire and business tycoon Donald Trump.

Defying all predictions, Trump emerged as the winner of the election campaign to become the 45th president of the United States of America.

His campaign, as many analysts put it, appeared more like a campaign against the establishment. And many say a vote for Trump is not really a vote for Trump but a vote against the establishment.

In terms of American politics, unquestionably Hilary is experienced with nearly half a century as an active player in American politics. E-mails released by Wikileak, which happened to be a material to paint Hilary as corrupt and incompetent, certainly damaged Hilary’s campaign but what appeared to be more damaging is rather what was thought,looking back, to be her advantage ; her connection with the establishment. Yesterday, in his last campaign message, Trump capitalized on that. His critics are of the view that he didn’t run a campaign; it is the media that run the campaign for him.

Apparently, there was a sentiment that voting for Hilary is tantamount to voting for aristocracy. However, chances for Donald Trump’s government to be oligarchic is real. Some analysts are already predicting that his cabinet members could include CEO’s in the corporate world.

The point that many seem to agree about is that this election campaign demonstrated how polarized American society is.

Demographically, Trump drew his support from white,protestant and older for whom Trump’s message of “Let’s make America great again” resonated very well. More often than not, these groups are seen as xenophobic,racist and anti-immigration. And Trump was very explicit about his anti-immigration stand. Like many immigrants, Ethiopians seems concerned about the possible negative impacts of Donal Trump presidency.

When it comes to Africa, Trump mentioned during his campaign that he will “lock” African dictators. Obama’s government has been essentially an ally of the minority regime in Ethiopia. Will Donald Trump pursue different policy as it relates to Ethiopia? Time will tell.


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