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Ethiopia : ESAT News Analysis November 7 2016 Sultan Hanfare Alimirah

November 7,2009


This political voice is not like no other. Afar is significant in many ways and is very bold about its Ethiopian identity. That is why the minority TPLF regime is doing all it can to establish influence in Afar by demolishing erstwhile social relation that gives no room for anti-Ethiopian force like TPLF. Whether its effort will bear fruit or not will be seen in posterity.

From Sultan Hanfare Alimirah message,very relevant, Afar is apparently struggling in its own way to reverse TPLF agenda in Afar. It is with deep sense of regret that the Sultan is talking about how the once affluent Afar people is reduced to pauper under TPLF. Agro-business in Afar region are mainly owned by either expatriate investors from Asia and the middle east or henchmen of the ruling Tigray People’s Liberation Front. Afar is one of the regions of Ethiopia where supporters of the ruling party created ill-gotten wealth.

Located strategically, Afar links Ethiopia to Djbouti and Eritrea as well. TPLF seem to have lust to control the way to Djibouti via Afar.

Afar People’s party, under its chairman -Dr. Kontie Mussa , is one of members of the newly formed coalition Ethiopian national movement.

Cover Photo : Screenshot of ESAT Video


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