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Ethiopia : acid attack


VOA Amharic
November 7,2016

Source : VOA Amharic
Source : VOA Amharic

Meseret Nigussie, 24, has been living in Dangila town running a small popular restaurant. Shew was in a relationship with Solomon Belay for three years. The relationship finished its course due to apparent misunderstanding -according to Voice of America Amharic Service.

However, Solomon could not take it and was apparently stalling and not leaving her alone. As it turns out he was planning acid attack and he did it. The tragic incident happened sometime in May of this year.

Meseret is still living excruciating pain. From VOA Amharic report (check audio clip above), she is supposed to travel abroad for better medication but she does not have the financial resource. She needs the support of Ethiopians.

She has lost her parents and she was a bread winner for her younger siblings. Acid attack has become a recurrent problem in Ethiopia.

Audio and Cover photo : Voice of America Amharic Service




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