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Amhara Organizations meeting in Seattle


November 7,2016

Amhara Organizations meeting in Seattle

Different Amhara Organizations held fist Amhara meeting in Seattle. What is your take on Amhara organizations in general? what do you think is their strengh (actual or potential)? and what do you think is their weakness? Kindly share your thoughts. No vulgar language please;comments will be moderated.

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  1. It would be a great to see every Amhara organization and everyone strive to form ONE solid organization which will fight for political freedom and economic development for Amhara population. This is the best and ideal time to form an organization which will represent the political and economic interests of the Amhara population now and for generations to come. We are ready to support and get involved in every way we
    can. Those who paid the ultimate price in their blood and the ones suffering in jail deserve a commitment from all of us to form an organization Ethiopia has never seen before; that is an organization which truly fights for the people.


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