Hana Legesse ‘s Response to Dr Tsegaye Regassa : SBS Amharic


November 3,2016

Hana Legesse, from Melbourne -Australia, responded to provocative statement from Dr. Tsegaye Ararsa in SBS Amharic radio. Last week, an Oromo etho-nationalist Tsegaye Ararasa went to the extent of asserting that “there is no such thing as Ethiopian identity.”

The reaction, so to speak, was outrageous among Ethiopians. Ethiopia, after the coming to power of the regime in power, has become a breeding ground for ethno-nationalism. Some variant- like the one espoused by Tsegaye Ararasa – is ultra radical.

Audio : embedded from SBS Amharic


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One Response to "Hana Legesse ‘s Response to Dr Tsegaye Regassa : SBS Amharic"

  1. Teffra   November 4, 2016 at 3:20 am

    Wonderful response Hana.


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