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Ethiopia : “Ethiopian History books must be re-written” says Mohammed Ademo on World policy on Air

November 4, 2016

Audio source: World Policy on Air

Ethiopia is under consistent rhetorical attacks of ethno-nationalists. For a long time now, radical Oromo ethno-nationalists employed a strategy of throwing negative and provocative remarks,assertions and accusations against Ethiopia and Ethiopians -left, right and centre. In recent times, these radical groups went to the extent of not just disowning Ethiopian identity but also asserting that “there is no such thing as Ethiopian identity.” Evidently, they are relentlessly exploiting media outlets to project Ethiopia as an oppressor of Oromos and that the Ethiopian identity is imposed on them.

And the merit of provocation strategy for radical ethno-nationalism? Could be a whole lot of things not the least of which is setting agenda in a way to make their cause -radicalism- a point of conversation on a regular basis. That in turn, they seem to think, would continue to help them politicize large chuck of youth demography along radical lines as a support base. If the motive of secession is not possible to attain, then they would at least be in a position to bargain concession and even dictate it. The point they seem to miss is that Oromos who are proud of their Ethiopian heritage could respond decisively to all these vigorous pursuits of objectives to see a weakened Ethiopia.

In an interview with World policy on Air (check audio above), Mohammed Ademo, editor of Opride, asserts that the contributions of Oromos in history is erased : “Gebeyehu [Fitawrawi] was completely erased in similar ways that the contribution of the Oromo was erased not just in the battle of Adwa but in the formation of Ethiopia itself”

He also criticized that statue is erected to Menelik and no statue is erected for Oromo heros. Of course, he never mentioned, hospitals, schools, neighborhoods , in the capital Addis Ababa and outside, that are named after Ethiopian hero of Oromo heritage. Belay Zeleke, so to speak, was one of the most venerated Ethiopian hero of the resistance war against Italian Fascism but he was hanged by Emperor Hailesellasie. Imagine the narrative if he was of Oromo ethnic origin.

For him, from “Oromo perspective”, the battle of Adwa meant something else. Find out more from the audio. What informed the view that Fitawrari Gebeyehu is “erased from history” is not clear.

In the interest of providing their listeners with balanced view,World Policy on Air need to give a chance for the narratives of Oromos who are proud of their Ethiopian heritage as well. To that effect, Ethiopians need to reach out to this media outlet and point out how fallacious and even fictitious is Ademo’s narrative of perception about contribution of oromos in history. There is no omission of Ethiopian hero.The desire to re-write the history of Ethiopia is not just naive but an insult to Ethiopians,including Oromos,who proudly cherish history of Ethiopia.


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  1. Ethiopia history is totally disastrous full of false narration by habash elites biased towards the northern part of Ethiopia (i.e Amhara and Tigre). That is why the dominance of culture is seen when international conference is undertaken in Ethiopia. In their show oromo’s culture is absent

    • Who stopped you from doing your homework and write the history of Ethiopia; the true history, not reinvented history that fits the narrative you want. History has archeological proof . If you think the history of Ethiopia written so far is false, then challenge it with facts instead of mumbling empty rhetoric .

  2. An acceptable idea most of our history was written by the interest of of the ruling class I understanding this issue after read the book written by Mr.Tabour wami by the tittle “yewigena Dirsetoch “.It is advisable if all of us read this book including the so called famous history writer of Ethiopians.

  3. One thing I want to ask the writer of the article, what happened to general tadasa biruu did he get killed because he is Oromo even know he fight for the so call Ethiopia? So please stop talking for Oromo any Oromo who takes Ethiopia over Oromia is not Oromo he/she need to check there blood.

  4. So who was “አርበኛ በላይ ዘለቀ’? If you do not know history, leave it for historians. It is an empty vessel that makes the sound, right? Go and check the grandfather name of በላይ ዘለቀ. It is an oromo name, Kiltu, right? He was from Wallo Oromo and his parent moved to Gojem. Gebeyehu Gurmu, Balcha Safo Ture Gelate, Gabramariam Gari…. You call their baptized name only, no father or grandfather name. If you want to see the omission or the distortion of the history go and read some history book by yourself. let me recommend you one book. read the book written by Aleka Taye and try to give the judgement by keeping yourself as Oromo, Amhara and neutral.

  5. We denounced the Ethiopia you are insinuating here. We those who divide Oromos and now we know your positions keep it and we keep ours.

  6. Hey writer! you better not to loose your self okay. Oromo movement has its own goals and decisions to achieve. Each and every Oromo participates in the journey to achieve this goals. Oromo once helped those were fighting Adwa and that is not some thing we are crying for Okay? never mind we can re-engineer Ethiopia after freedom.

  7. The sso-called Ethiopian history is by and large a fictions patched story, sometimes a kind of fable and fairy tale. Even for the Amhara and Tigre people it is unfair. It shamelessly overlooks their African identity in a bid to connecting the origin and legitmacy of their rulers to Jewish society. Your Ethiopianists do you really believe Tewodros an ordinary man from Qura was a decendant of David? Do you still believe Minilk of Ankober is a desendant of Solomon of the Jew? Is this something you tell us to be proud of? The so-called Ethiopian history is a false rethoric that blatantly denies the Oromo their Ethiopia-ness portraying them as migrants who suddeny arrived as warriors from a blue. We are well aware of the Cushities’ civilization that existed from 5000 years in Ethiopia alone including Eritrea (read about the Beja people of today’s Eritrea). The so-called Ethiopian history is not only exclutionist but also rejectionist, fictitious and biased. If the Ethiopianist camp is really sincere enough let them show us in their history pages Ethiopia as it is today. Let them show us the Somali, Afar, Agunwak, Sidama, Gamo, Wolayita, Keficho, Guragie, Kembata, Gedio, Konso and so on in their history books that they accuse us of not being proud of. Otherwise we never be proud of the so-called Ethiopian history which has been cooked by debteras of Orthodox church to claim territorial expansion over the rest of the South. If we are proud of the so-called Ethiopian history, paricularly we the Oromos, must be equally proud of the current state of affairs because we have hand picked Oromos like Aba Dula, Kuma, Driba, Muktar, Baker, bunches of OPDOs. Son let’s swallow the truth no matter how bitter it is. Bravo Mohammed Adamo.

  8. It seems all fake and false habesha’s Ethiopianism history going to end,so now them begin screaming on our Oromo’s intelligents. I just say to them as young pro Oromo artu arta maalee dhugan ifaa bahu hin oltuu::

  9. What are you talking about? Do you think Ethiopian history is correct?
    Yes Ethiopian history must re write, because it’s completely fiction not the true history.

  10. Yes, you are right. We, Oromos as well as others who are so proud of our “distorted” Ethiopian history should really have access to the media to tell the truth to the world. One of the truth that should be told first though is your ignorance that denies the others to have their own opinion based on their lived experience. Instead, you try to project your version of history on other and for others and expect it to stick on them. Please stop pure regurgitation. Refer to Ethiopian history book to see if what is contained in their really represent Ethiopia? But of course the crux of the problem is what is “Ethiopia” represent for you and for me.

  11. Thank you mehamed ademo and the interviewer. Every poins of discussions is histro and thus facts constructed based on external and internal criticism. Let red those who have mind, notice the criticque and imagine the situation relating to various promo lyric songs like that of haacaaluu hundeessaa’s laal galookoo. Let hose who have sense of humanity closely observe what have been going on in oromia since recrnt time relating to the historically complicated impositions on oromo born from narrated history. Let those who who learn history and speak for history listen and pass the narration to their children. Form history is the second import and discipline next to medical science to sustain the life of human being.

  12. Given radical Oromos well established reputation of intellectual dishonesty, Please scrap the barrel of history to establishe the presence of indigenous Oromos on the main land of Ethiopia before the 16th century ?
    Note carefully, recorded history not fiction

  13. Let me add another bigger concern, Muslims are severely eliminated or demonized in the so called “Ethiopian history”. Even now, too many of the hospitals, schools, neighborhoods in the capital Addis Ababa and outside are named after Christian affiliated saint and their likes.
    So yes! Ethiopian history must be. and is, re-writen!

  14. Yes ethio history is amara history. Oromos are new comers, 16th century to be specific. For example oromos are not part of abysinia and adal war.

  15. History is not a fiction or ‘a to be edited’ thing…it is a happening..HAPPENING!!..the happening is being written down line by line….if what is written is eerie or you don’t want to hear it or if it is bad, you cannot change it….let alone history, you cannot change your past…so accept it as it is….& as of Oromo, I tell you… there are millions of Oromo who are proud to be just an Ethiopian….

  16. Is history really the problem. The distortion is intentional. The so called Orlmos are the one who is trying to distort the role of the Oromo in our country’s history. They said Gala is an insult,we accepted. They said they need to write in a foreign alphabet we accepted , they are saying they need a separate church…..,they are trying to separate the Oromo people from the rest of Ethiopia. These people are moving strategically to turn the country in to a battle field

  17. I am a proud Abesha and yes our history books need to be re-written, but replacing one biased narrative by another biased narrative is not the answer.

    I certainly think that we can start by names to make sure the Oromo names of prominent Ethiopian figures are know, but that will just show that the so called feudal Amhara elite were not so Amhara. This is nothing new for Amharas who have always said it is a combined Amhara-Oromo elite who ruled modern Ethiopia. It just took a while for Oromo nationalists to realize that.

    There were no 5 million Oromos killed. In fact the population that was devastated during Menelik’s time was the north due to the great famine that resulted from the Italians introducing infected cattle into Eritrea. It was horrible and disrupted the entire northern region with hundreds of thousands if deaths starving to death.


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