Ethiopia : “Ethiopian History books must be re-written” says Mohammed Ademo on World policy on Air

November 4, 2016

Audio source: World Policy on Air

Ethiopia is under consistent rhetorical attacks of ethno-nationalists. For a long time now, radical Oromo ethno-nationalists employed a strategy of throwing negative and provocative remarks,assertions and accusations against Ethiopia and Ethiopians -left, right and centre. In recent times, these radical groups went to the extent of not just disowning Ethiopian identity but also asserting that “there is no such thing as Ethiopian identity.” Evidently, they are relentlessly exploiting media outlets to project Ethiopia as an oppressor of Oromos and that the Ethiopian identity is imposed on them.

And the merit of provocation strategy for radical ethno-nationalism? Could be a whole lot of things not the least of which is setting agenda in a way to make their cause -radicalism- a point of conversation on a regular basis. That in turn, they seem to think, would continue to help them politicize large chuck of youth demography along radical lines as a support base. If the motive of secession is not possible to attain, then they would at least be in a position to bargain concession and even dictate it. The point they seem to miss is that Oromos who are proud of their Ethiopian heritage could respond decisively to all these vigorous pursuits of objectives to see a weakened Ethiopia.

In an interview with World policy on Air (check audio above), Mohammed Ademo, editor of Opride, asserts that the contributions of Oromos in history is erased : “Gebeyehu [Fitawrawi] was completely erased in similar ways that the contribution of the Oromo was erased not just in the battle of Adwa but in the formation of Ethiopia itself”

He also criticized that statue is erected to Menelik and no statue is erected for Oromo heros. Of course, he never mentioned, hospitals, schools, neighborhoods , in the capital Addis Ababa and outside, that are named after Ethiopian hero of Oromo heritage. Belay Zeleke, so to speak, was one of the most venerated Ethiopian hero of the resistance war against Italian Fascism but he was hanged by Emperor Hailesellasie. Imagine the narrative if he was of Oromo ethnic origin.

For him, from “Oromo perspective”, the battle of Adwa meant something else. Find out more from the audio. What informed the view that Fitawrari Gebeyehu is “erased from history” is not clear.

In the interest of providing their listeners with balanced view,World Policy on Air need to give a chance for the narratives of Oromos who are proud of their Ethiopian heritage as well. To that effect, Ethiopians need to reach out to this media outlet and point out how fallacious and even fictitious is Ademo’s narrative of perception about contribution of oromos in history. There is no omission of Ethiopian hero.The desire to re-write the history of Ethiopia is not just naive but an insult to Ethiopians,including Oromos,who proudly cherish history of Ethiopia.


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