Ethiopians protested in Geneva, Eritreans stood in solidarity

November 3,2016

Ethiopians protested in Geneva against oppression in Ethiopia. Protesters also opposed Tedros Adhanom,now former Foreign Minister of Ethiopia, quest to hold top position in World Health Organization. Eritreans expressed solidarity with Ethiopians.

Ethiopians in social media unveiled that Tewodros Adhanom already hired lobbyist in a bid to secure the position. His party TPLF is reportedly rallying behind his effort for presumed symbolic significance as diplomatic success.
Tewodros Adhanoum is a probably one of the most beleaguered Tigray People’s Liberation Front officials and his pervasive presence in social media enticed Ethiopians to connect with him -but only to shame him in what he was doing within TPLF.

Despite thousands of killings by his party, which he fiercely defends, he dared to present himself as “open” and “progressive”

Video source : Petros Ashenafi (Social Media)

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