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Ethiopian National Movement leaders to hold press conference at National Press Club : ESAT


Published on November 2,2016

The newly formed Ethiopian National Movement (ENM), a coalition of four political parties said it is established with a view to “lead and coordinate the struggle of the Ethiopian people for justice,freedom and democracy.”

In a press release it issued in connection with an international press conference it organizes in Washington, DC for the coming Friday, the coalition which condemned the killings in Ethiopia said the status quo is not sustainable.

The four parties making the ENM are the Oromo Democratic Movement (ODF), Patriotic Ginbot 7 Movement for Unity and Democracy, Afar People’s Party and Sidama People’s Democratic Movement.

“ENM strongly condemns the killings, mass incarcerations and atrocities being committed against innocent civilians. It believes that the unjust rule of the brutal minority regime, which has declared a state of emergency to crush popular demand for change, is no longer sustainable.”

The coalition also called on western allies of the regime to instead side with popular movements like ENM. “The coalition urges the U.S. Government and other Western countries to work with change agents such ENM instead of providing unconditional aid to a regime that is terrorizing its own people.”

The ENM was officially formed last Sunday at a signing ceremony in Silver Spring, Maryland where representatives of the four parties responded to questions by Ethiopians in the metropolitan area.

Facilitators said it took months of negotiations to bring the parties together.

Leaders of the coalition and representatives of the four parties as well as activists will address Friday’s presser.


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