Ethiopia: Abichu – a story of valor and Ethiopian heroism [MUST WATCH]

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November 2,2016

Video source : Facebook page of Ermias Tokuma Alemayehu

The week when a radical Oromo ranted about his desire to see the disintegation of Ethiopia as a condition “for the peace of Oromo”, for him Oromo is “other”, during “Oromo lawyers” meeting in London, another young Muslim girl released a video on social media.

She claimed to be an Oromo and ,like him, she passionately talked about how she doesn’t care about Ethiopia but Oromo. She even sounded that she does not have enough words to express her commitment for hating Ethiopia. Well, one measure of her commitment, arguably, is that she used Amharic language to get across her message so that those of us who care about Ethiopia can understand what the heck she is talking about.

The intention was, seemingly, to demonstrate that it is not just radical ethno-nationalists of the 60’s and 70’s who are committed for the demise of Ethiopia but even members of this generation are committed for the ideals of the radical oromo ethno-nationalists ; disintegration of Ethiopia. At times the claim about Ormoia sounds like an irredentist claim; it never existed in history. She is a product of the current system and the radical ethno-nationalists. It is imaginable that her hate is informed by indoctrination by either of this group. She is hating the Ethiopia she does not know.

History has certainly a different narrative of Oromo; one that is proud of the Ethiopian heritage and would never hesitate to die in defense of it. The must watch video above is essentially a representation of those kinds of Oromos.

If you have never heard of the name Abichu, you probably have missed out a must read book for all Ethiopians : Ye Habešská odyssea (የሃበሻ ጀብዱ)

The book is translated from Czech to Amharic by Techane Jobre Mekonnen, who is truly patriotic in his own right. It’s an eyewitness account of a Czech engineer,Adolf Parlesák, who happened to be in the front-line when Ethiopians were paying the ultimate price in Tigray to reverse fascist Italian invasion.

And one of the most captivating stories that emerges from Adolf Parlesák account of Ethiopian resistance is a sixteen year old valorous Ethiopian, in the current language one would add the name Oromo as well, of extraordinary patriotic achievement. What did he do? What the video clip above.
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