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ESAT Eneweyay Oct. 28, 2016 Ethiopia – Abebe Bogale Speaking about outrageous remark during London Oromo Conference

October 29,2016

As you may know, a remark like statement during Oromo London Conference caused huge outrage among Ethiopians in social media and else where over the past few days.

An individual,who is said to be a member of an Oromo Organization called KWO, asserted “the guarantee for Oromo peace is disintegration of Ethiopia ” during the meeting.

Ethiopian Satellite Television spoke to Abebe Bogale, one of the senior leadership of Arbegnoch Ginbot 7 , regarding what turned out to be outrageous comment for many. Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC), state media, exploited the remark to blackmail Oromo movement which started over a year ago when proposed master plan for Addis Ababa, prone to disposes small farmers in the outskirts of the city, was announced.


Abebe Bogale, who is himself an Oromo, thinks that the reaction to the remark from London Oromo Conference is exaggerated and over inflated in social media. He says the remark by the person whom he described as Oromo Nationalist Leftist was not endorsed by the rest of audience during the meeting and has no, what so ever,power to cause a threat to Ethiopia. He seem to think that there is an absolute Oromo majority with the urge to struggle for a democratic Ethiopia rather than for the disintegration of Ethiopia.

With radical Islamic groups,however, like Al-Shabab in the region and an apparent appetite for expanding sphere of influence in the region by Islamic countries with an empire mentality, it may not be wise to downplay the expressed desire to disintegrate entirely. At least there needs to be caution and ground work to make sure that the idea of disintegrating Ethiopia is not taking root and is ultimately destroyed. It goes without saying, desire to disintegrate Ethiopia is not a group right.

What is your take on the reaction to it? Do you think it was a measured reaction?


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