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Ethiopia : VOA Amharic interview with Dr. Dima Nego and Dawit Woldegiorgis

October 28,2016

Video : embedded from VOA Amharic Facebook page

VOA Amharic interview with Dr. Dima Nego, Vice-President of Oromo Democratic Front, and Major Dawit Woldegiorgis, currently Executive Director of the Institute for Strategic and Security Studies, was live on Facebook.

They both have been part of Ethiopian politics for many many decades now. Dr. Dima Nego served as minister of information during the transitional government of Ethiopia after the fall of military government in 1991. He was also one of the founders of fundamentalist secessionist Oromo Liberation Front more than forty years ago. With education and experience, Dr. Dima seem to have understood the point that relevance of political struggle comes down to creating stable, better and prosperous future for the Oromos which would be an illusion unless the Oromo work with other Ethiopians on the agenda of transforming Ethiopia to a democratic country livable for all Ethiopians. As well, he now realizes that Oromos played a vanguard role in Ethiopia’s struggle to maintain its independence during Italian invasion and paid in life, like other Ethiopians. The political party he currently leads- Oromo Democratic Front -has, he claims, activities at the grassroots level in Ethiopia.


Major Dawit Woldegiorgis served in different capacities under the military government of Colonel Mengistu including as ministry of information. Among other things, he worked as a diplomat and Administrator of, what was then called, Eritrea province under colonel Mengstu’s administration. Ironically, he, apparently, was the key figure behind the failed coup against Colonel Mengistu’s government sometime in May 1989 which led to the summery execution of numerous experienced and senior military generals from different divisions of the Ethiopian army.

Voice of America Amharic service journalist Tsion Girma raised a range of questions relating to the current situation of Ethiopia, their role, critics that their detractors pose and the way forward to Ethiopia -among other questions.


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