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Ethiopia : Tigray discussing rural and urban investment plan

October 27,2016

Mekele , Tigray Photo : Fana Broadcasting
Mekele , Tigray
Photo : Fana Broadcasting


Pro-government Fana Broadcasting reported 5th regular congress of Tigray regional parliament is under way.Urban and rural investment and “good governance” are topics under discussion.

The investment plan is reportedly aimed at youth unemployment in Tigray.

Micro finance arrangement seem to be available for Tigray youth in Urban centered.

In the country side,investment targeted agriculture. Specific areas of investment are irrigation agriculture and pastoral farming. Tigray is one of the arid areas of Ethiopia barely supports crop farming.

As part of the effort to bring about “good governance”, Fana report says, changes in executive structure are likely to happen at different levels.

Tigray region is ethnic, and consequently political, base of Tigray People’s Liberation Front -a party whose domination over the ruling coalition EPRDF apparently caused struggle from within.

Recent protest all over Ethiopia which led to deceleration of six months of state of emergency were fueled by,to a great extent, opposition to over domination of TPLF and Tigray in the politics and economy of Ethiopia.Over one thousand people are killed in the last six or so months only.

Under TPLF, Tigay region witnessed transformed infrastructure in all its forms so much so that it was ambitious to launch space station. There was a talk of space shuttle named after the late Tigray leader Zenawi.

Tigray constitute only 6% of the entire population of Ethiopia.


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