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“Disintegration of Ethiopia is guarantee for Oromo peace” says an alleged member of the radical OLF group

October 25,2016


In what is said to be at a conference in London, a member of the radical Oromo Liberation Front says that guarantee for Oromo peace is disintegration of Ethiopia.

Borkena cannot verify if the speech is from Oromo Liberation front Conference in London or not. It is not,however, questionable that Oromo Liberation Front has a radical secessionist agenda albeit it is not very often expressed in recent times. Rather, recent political rhetoric is based on murky, at times subtle like moves, talk about fall the fall of woyane and collaboration towards it.

Absolute majority of Ethiopia,including numerically considerable Oromos, believe that Oromo Liberation Front is as radical as Tigray People’s Liberation Front. They collaborated in the past before they turned out to be enemies to each other. Their coalition was basically against Ethiopia.

On the other hand, there are other ethnic Oromo based political organizations that work towards achieving a democratic Ethiopia where there rights of all Ethiopians including Oromos is respected. In Ethiopia, parties like Oromo Federalist Congress,chaired by Professor Merere Gudina, struggle for a democratic Ethiopia. In the diaspora, intellectual activist group is emerging with a rejectionist stand to the question of secession from Ethiopia.

Video : Fana Broadcasting


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