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Sudan and regime in Ethiopia signed agreement. Sudan condemns Egypt ‘s “intervention” in Ethiopia

October 22,2016

EBC video from YouTube channel

Amid state of emergency, regime in Ethiopia hastened to transform relation with Sudan to a new level by signing bilateral agreements in a range of areas in the realm of trade and investment. Regime’s move stands in stark contrast to its current relation with Egypt which appears to be in a worst state in the entire history of the ruling party in Ethiopia.


Main cause for deteriorating relation with Egypt is allegation of intervention in internal politics by way of supporting ethno-nationalist groups, primarily Oromo Liberation Front, with the aim -according to regime’s narrative- to destabilize Ethiopia. Egypt,however,denied the allegation.

Regime’s narrative seem to be accepted by Sudan. State television, EBC, reported that Sudan’s vice president, Hassabo Mohamed said that Sudan does not accept Egypt’s “intervention” in the internal affair of Ethiopia(watch EBC video above.)

Sudanese delegation under its vice president was in Ethiopia this week to sign agreement trade agreement with the regime in Ethiopia. Livestock,transport,banking and railways are areas on which Debretsion Gebremichael (deputy prime minister and minister of communication and Technology , he is from TPLF party) and Sudanese vice president signed agreement. Commercial Bank of Ethiopia branch is to be opened in Khartoum,Sudan, as part of the agreement.

TPLF government and government of Sudan have relation that dates back to the guerrilla times of Tigray People’s Liberation Front.

Two or so years ago, both parties have signed agreement on “border security” including formation of joint military forces.

Ethiopians accuse TPLF regime of ceding Ethiopia’s long stretch of land along the border to Sudan illegally. The result is sporadic skirmishes between Ethiopians and Sudanese along the border.Lives had been lost on both sides.

Regime’s agreement with Sudan this week rather triggered skepticism among Ethiopians. Many tend to think that it is motivated primarily by security interest rather than business. Tigray People’s Liberation Front has a special relation with Al-Bashir’s Sudan.

TPLF incorporated Wolqaite ,a corridor to Sudan, area of Gonder which is Amhara to Tigray regional state forcefully. Consequently, the opposition to imposed identity on Wolqaite which had been simmering for decades came to the fore openly rejecting Tigray identity. With its domination in the federal government, TPLF orchestrated a militarized response to the identity question ; defense forces is still deployed in the region.


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