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This video is a treasure : highlights Ethiopian history,culture,faith and to a certain extent politics (past and present) [ deutsche ]

October 19,2016


The video features Meskel celebration in Addis Ababa many many decades ago. Meskel, the finding of the true cross, is one of the most colorful religious festival.

One of the controversial issue with the regime in Ethiopia is about flag (sendek Alama -in Amharic). The ruling party imposed new flag, it was a policy priority, after it took over power. The circumstance under which the new flag was imposed was in a way that the past was demonized in its entirety and the flag was perceived,for ideologues of the regime, as heritage of the demonized past.

On the contrary, Ethiopians are aware of the fact that the Ethiopian flag can not be associated with any government in the past as government before TPLF had their own respective emblems which they embed in Ethiopian flag.

Ethiopians even have a spiritual view of their flag. Islamic spiritual leader and Sultan of Afar is often time quoted as saying that “even their [Afar people] camels recognize the Ethiopian flag.” They revered it. His statement came during the time when Meles Zenawi’s TPLF party instigated a political controversy like game an a attempt to maneuver Ethiopians, by misinforming, to legitimize move to change the flag. Still absolute majority of Ethiopians do not recognize the imposed flag as Ethiopia’s flag so much so that the regime had to introduce law to incriminate Ethiopians who hold the Ethiopian flag.

State of emergency the regime announced about a week ago banned the Ethiopian flag.

Video Source : facebook page of Ze Addis


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