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Canadian opposition party issued a statement on situation in Ethiopia


October 19,2016

New Democrats Party, one of Canada’s opposition parties, expressed concern over the situation in Ethiopia. Statement released by Hélène Laverdière,NDP Foreign Affairs Critic, and Cheryl Hardcastle, NDP Vice Chair of the Subcommittee for International Human Rights, disclosed that “New Democrats are deeply concerned about the ongoing political and human rights crisis in Ethiopia.”

Noting the fact that Canada is the third major donor to Ethiopia, the statement urged the government of Canada to influence change in Ethiopia.

As well, New Democrats’ statement bent on seeing ethnic and language diversities rather as a strength : “Ethiopia is renowned for its rich cultural traditions and is blessed with over 80 different ethnicities. All Ethiopians deserve peace, security and a democracy that is truly representative of all the peoples within the country” remarked the statement.

Full statement is available here

Universal Health Care in Canada is the legacy of New Democrats. The party is currently mobilizing supporters to repulse threats on health care. Major concern in that regard is privatization.Chances are New Democrats Party could win the support of many more Canadians in the fight to keep universal health care public.

Written by Dimetros Birku. Tweets : @dimetros

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  1. As an Ethiopian, I would like to thank you to all NDP members and to all the great NDP party leaders for speaking up in behalf of all Ethiopians for justice, equality, freedom, peace and love… job well done !


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