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Ethiopia : Message from Berhanu Nega

October 17,2016

A new video message (in Amharic) from Arbegnoch Ginbot 7, opposition party, chairman, Berhanu Nega ,is released. Noting the difficult path that the regime is taking Ethiopia to, he admired valorous struggle of Ethiopians against the regime and the sacrifices that have been paid in life so far.


Core message to Ethiopians is on the issue of the state of emergency. Berhanu Nega, evidently just like most Ethiopians, thinks that state of emergency represents last desperate attempt of the regime to stay in power; described it as the “last bullet of the regime.”

In a stern warning message for those who collaborate with the regime to implement state of emergency, Berhanu underscored that they need to be targets of popular revolt if they continue to collaborate with the regime that is killing Ethiopians.

He said, aborting the state of emergency certainly culminates struggles of Ethiopians to ushers us to freedom. One the other hand, he added, if the state of emergency succeeds, it will perpetuate enslavement of Ethiopians for generations to come. Ethiopians will never shoulder any more slavery – he added.

The way forward,for him–in agreement with dominant thinking in the opposition quarter, is to intensify the struggle to finish off the regime. To that effect, he announced series of strategies.

As well, he called on members of the armed forces and security apparatus including intelligence unit to stand with and support the struggle of Ethiopians.


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