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Ethiopia : Gonder defied over-repressive state of emergency

October 18,2016

Gonder Protest - African News Photo : File (from social media)

In a bold move to defy over-repressive state of emergency, Gonder kicked off a three days stay-at-home protest.

Businesses including stores and hotels remained closed in Gonder town today.

Ruling party claims that it aborted the strike. However, social media sources assert that the first day of strike was successful and will continue for two more days.

Clandestine task force organizing protests in Gonder vow to continue with popular protest despite state of emergency which banned all forms of protests including stay-at-home strikes.

Ethiopian satellite television report on the strike in Gonder indicates that infuriated military officers were forcing business owners, at a point of gun, to make them open their businesses.

Defiance of Gonder has got a noticeable veneration from Ethiopians. It is now seen as a leader of resistance against the regime.

According to organizers who spoke to ESAT, the three days strike in Gonder is organized in part to honor victims of Ireecha massacre – mostly Oromos.

Similar strike took place in the Amhara regional state capital, Bahir Dar, soon after state of emergency was declared.

There seem to be profound consensus among Ethiopians as to what the objective of the movement : kill the movement for change and enslave Ethiopians perpetually.

For the regime, it is an expedient government decision to “protect Ethiopia from threat” – conspired by foreign powers including Egypt. Egypt denied the allegations this week.

Political commentators and observers tend to see strikes in Bahir Dar and Gonder as clues that the “legal” approach to intensify repression in Ethiopia using state of emergency new regulation as a tool will only prove futile.

Determination is apparent that Ethiopians do not seem to want to go back to the era of total repression under TPLF rule.


Meanwhile, there are reports that “security forces” are exploiting state of emergency rules to rob citizens of fortunes threatening them with unfounded allegations of links with opposition , a crime under state of emergency rules.

Communication black out is imposed in the parts of Ethiopia where the regime intends to undertake violently repressive operation, military so to speak, against dissidents.

Sate of emergency regulation also puts restriction on the use of social media platforms like facebook and twitter in addition to ban on accessing opposition media outlets like ESAT and OMN.

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