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Ethiopia : Mattress factory blazed near Addis Ababa

Photo :Social Media
Photo :Social Media


October 15,2016

Royal Foam Spring Mattress and Plastic Manufacturing Enterprise,located in the south west outskirts of Addis Ababa, is blazed after it caught fire this morning.

From company profile, the company is established and owned by,Eyob Nigussie.

Ethiopia is under state of emergency since last week for a period of six months. In a breaking news coverage , ESAT claims that it has verified from its sources that he arson on the factory is related to the ongoing popular protest in the country.

If the claim is true, chances are the owner has relation with the ruling Tigray People’s Liberation Front in one way or another.

Citizen report on social media indicate that there has been an intense gunfire in the area and huge presence of security forces. Although extent of causality is not known at this point in time, the factory is completely destroyed.

Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation and pro-regime media outlets did not cover the news so far. At least eleven factories are reportedly burned in small towns close to the capital Addis Ababa in connection with the popular protest but became more rife after nearly 700 Ethiopians were killed during Ireecha, religious festival,celebration in the town of Bishoftu (Debre Zeit)

State TV recently reported that the country’s ceremonial president, Mulatu Teshome, visited factories attacked by protesters and disclosed that all forms of support will be given owners of those factories. The statement is blurry -perhaps for a reason. In addition to tax adjustments, the regime could arrange loan for these “investors.”

For years, scathing attack on local investors is grounded on that fact that regime facilitated bank loan from state banks, primarily Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, in a fraudulent and corrupt ways. The regime admitted that the system is corrupted and that it is working on “in-depth renewal”

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