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Ethiopia : regime opened war in North Gonder, Abera Gobaw prominent freedom fighter killed

October 14,2014

Abera Gobaw  Source : Social Media
Abera Gobaw
Source : Social Media

In less than a week after regime in Ethiopia declared a state of emergency, most parts of the country came under attack that involved the armed force, not police. Some areas are seemingly living a state of war like conditions.

Last night, 5th brigade of the army was reportedly deployed in Dogaw area of Tacharmachiho, Northern Gonder -Amhara regional state of Ethoipia.

The operation was launched with the objective to disarm people in towns and villages in the Amhara region of Ethiopia. The move is resisted partly because Tigray region, the base of the dominant TPLF, is recently armed – apparently from government arsenal.


Based on informed social media sources, there was an intense fight in Dogaw between regime’s well armed 5th brigade and villagers. Small percentage of residents have legally registered gun, which is in no way a match to the military posture of army, that they treasure more than any thing else. It is a tradition that existed for centuries.

In what is said to be more than eight hours of fighting between the army and the villagers, the focus happened to be Abera Gobaw, a freedom fighter, regime describe him as Eritrean supported bandit with links to opposition Ginbot 7, who was rather active in a movement to resist what members of Amhara Resistance Movement in social media describe as Tigray People’s Liberation Front’s plan to enslave and exterminate Amhara people.

Abera Gobaw was located by regime forces and asked to surrender. Expected, Abera rather opted to die fighting. Based on account from social media informants, in an exchange of fire between him and defense forces, Abera killed fifteen solders before he was finally killed in action.

Report by government media, ENA, has, customary, a different narrative. In the report (in Amharic),regime representative in North Gonder, Mekuanent Melkamu, said Abera Gobaw is killed after refusing to surrender. Yet, the report keeps mum about casualty on the side of government soldiers.

Experience tells not one out of ten narrative by government is credible and Ethiopians in social media reject government account on Abera Gobaw’s death as nonsense.

As far as Ethiopians outside of the ruling part’s supporters are concerned, there is a lot of pride in what Abera Gobaw did in his life time. The reaction to the news of his death is not grief as it is celebration of his bravery and contribution to the struggle. And optimism that thousand more of Abera would emerge to defend the identity question including Wolqaite.

Demeke Zewdu

Meanwhile, North Gonder Zone higher court is set to rule if Colonel Demeke Zewdu will be free on bail. ESAT spoke to Colonel Demeke’s lawyer -Mekete Kassahun.

According to Mekete, two police investigation files on Demeke are finalized and closed. The first was on homicide case -on which North Gonder police department team of investigators does not seem to get supporting evidence. Report is sent to prosecutor which,under normal circumstances, was supposed to lay charge within fifteen days after receiving police investigation report but it did not happen, according to Demeke’s lawyer.

The other police investigation file was related to “anti-terrorist” legislation and the court closed the file on grounds that it does not have jurisdiction over it. Pretty good chance for Colonel Demeke Zewdu to be released from detention at least on bail in the next few days.

Colonel Demeke Zewdu was a member of Wolqaite identity question committee and killed three agazi forces during exchange of fire when agazi forces tried to abduct him from his house during night time under the guise of law enforcement activity.

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