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Ethiopia : Over 1000 Ethiopian prisoners in Yemen freed by unknown forces (ESAT)

October 13,2013


Ethiopian Migrants in Yemen  Source :
Ethiopian Migrants in Yemen
Source :

Yemen authorities say over 1000 Ethiopian inmates in a prison in Shabwa town in northern part of the country are freed in an apparent coordinated operation by unknown armed groups and taken to a different location, according to Ethiopian Satellite Television.

Intelligence authorities are said to have told media in Yemen that freed Ethiopians are taken to Marib and Bayda region of Yemen.

These areas are reportedly under the influence of al-qaeda. There seem to be a precedence that terrorists use freed inmates for war.

Ethiopians were arrested on alleged grounds of illegal presence in Yemen. Claimant refugees often times face abuse in the hands of police and arrest on grounds of “illegal presence” while it is clear that claimant refugees could not posses legal documents when they are running away from Ethiopia.

ESAT report indicated that Yemen intelligence authorities avoided disclosing details as to why Ethiopians are taken to these towns.

Hundreds of thousands of Ethiopians are believed to live in Yemen. Even at a time when Yemen is living ravaging civil war that involved powers in the region, among others, Ethiopians still flee to Yemen to escape desperate political and economic situation in Ethiopia.

Cover photo : Ethiopian migrants in Yemen
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