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Ethiopia: Two security forces killed in a grenade attack

October 12, 2016

Two members of the Agazi forces, the special paramilitary widely accused of committing mass killings, torture and detentions, were killed in a grenade attack Tuesday in the northern city of Bahir Dar, according to two witnesses who spoke to ESAT.

The red beret soldiers were patrolling the subdivision of the city called Kebele 05 when their convoy came under attack. Two soldiers were also seriously wounded.

No one took responsibility for the deadly attack but residents said a group called the Justice and Freedom Forces might have carried out the attack.

Bahir Dar has been the scene of violent protests since July where anti-government protests turned deadly as the Agazi forces opened fire at protesters while thousands were detained.

The grenade attack came a week after the Ethiopian regime declared a state of emergency which drew sharp criticism from the international community and mainstream media. The marshal law is an excuse to perpetrate an even brutal crackdown on protesters and dissenters of the regime, according to human rights groups.


Residents of Bahir Dar has been on strike this week despite the state of emergency declared by the regime on Sunday.

The regime is reportedly trying to disarm the people in the Amhara region where armed farmers and groups have been taking retaliatory attack against regime forces.

Hundreds of people lost their lives in the hands of government security forces as months of anti-government protest in Ethiopia show no sign of dying down.

Cover Photo : Agazi forces
Source : Social Media

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