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Ethiopia : “OLF has been receiving all kinds of support from Egypt” says Communication Minister

October 11,2016

Egypt’s alleged role in supporting Ethiopian opposition, specifically Oromo Liberation Front, has become a pervasive content in state propaganda.

The regime goes to the extent of claiming existence of what it calls concrete evidence that supports Egypt’s role in the clandestine activity of Oromo Liberation Front in Ethiopia.

So far the allegation was made in reference to groups and media in Egypt.

Aboubakr Hefny, Egyptian ambassador to Ethiopia, was summoned to the office Foreign Affairs Ministry of Ethiopia last week, according to State media EBC (Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation) report, “to discuss issues related to the current situation in Ethiopia and of relations between the two countries.”

Although EBC report bends to diplomatic tone for the purpose of avoiding direct accusation against Egypt by placing the blame on Egyptian media for “inaccurate reports regarding the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam…,” where the regime seem to stand sounds different or at least it is safe to say that there is no homogeneity of narratives in the state media and pro-government media.

Explicit remark was made today. “The terrorist group OLF has been receiving all kinds of support from Egypt” Said Communication Minister Getachew Reda during a press conference with foreign journalists this morning. ( see EBC video above)

In fact, Egypt has a considerable investment in Ethiopia – much of which seem to have happened in the last few years as a concession to ease Egypt’s resentment to Ethiopia in relation to the grand dam project on Nile water.


Where does the Ethiopian opposition stand on this matter?

Whether Egypt has established collaboration with Oromo Liberation Front or not is not a matter of priority for most activists in the opposition factor- apparently.

Even those who seem to be concerned about Egypt’s activity as it related to OLF blame the regime in Ethiopia rather than Egypt. For this group,and rightly so,the dam project itself was not a priority. It was an abrupt project that emerged at a time when much of North Africa,including Egypt, was rocked with the “Arab Spring” which is why it is seen as political means to kill desire for system change in Ethiopia.

Irrespective of Egypt’s activity to use opposition, if we are to assume the allegation is true, to attain its national interest against at the expense of Ethiopia, the ongoing popular protest for change has nothing to do with Egypt. That is for sure.

The regime has been in power for more than twenty five years now. Disappointment is understatement to express how Ethiopians feel about the minority Tigray People’s Liberation Front dominated government. Loud and clear, the message is that the regime has to go.

Otherwise, Ethiopians are well aware of what Egypt wants from Ethiopia and how it seeks to achieve it. May be time will teach Egypt that its strategy could ruin its own interest at the end of the day.

By Dimetros Birku. Tweets : @dimetros

EBC video. Source : from the facebook page of EBC
Cover photo : Screenshot of video (Getachew Reda)

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  1. Ethiopian government are terrorizing the Ethiopian people. Why don’t you investigate, instead of giving to them whatever they want, Ethiopian people are dying in hungar and on top of that they are killing people, don’t you see how many millions of Ethiopians are demonstrating everyday …. Are all Ethiopian people OLF . They lied for 25 years but no more all Ethiopian people are awake now, they will no longer live in the darkness

  2. Dear Editor,
    The news look opinionated but still has some facts and truth in it. In order to balance the story and let us get a clear picture on the situation, it would have been wise and effective to add a say from OLF leaders and the Egyptian government.
    From journalistic perspective ,as you said,the government’s briefing has some elements of propoganda. However, as far as the strategy to struggle and overthrow of the incumbent government is concerned ,we heard oppositions oversee officially ,loudly and clearly encouraging cheos and violence.
    As an Ethiopian living abroad and information on the matter are limited and biased, follow up intense reports would help. I believe in the importance of open dialogue and discussion and if people in the opposition realm want to outshine, they need to reshape their strategy..
    Thank you
    Shimelis M. GEBREMICHAEL


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