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ESAT Efeta : Sisay Agena and Ermias Legese on the state of emergency [Amharic]

October 11,2016

In ESAT Efeta program, Ermias Legese and Sisay Agena of ESAT take a look on the implications of the state of emergency and possible moves of the regime in the days to come.

Sisay is of the opinion that fundamental human,political and civic rights have already been taken away for many months now and the state of emergency will not do anything new in terms of redistricting rights. Rather the intention seem to be to put psychological pressure on Ethiopians and create the impression that the regime is still alive.

Ermias Legese,as former insider to the regime, also sharply points out implications and next steps of the state of emergency.

Video : from ESAT YouTube Channel



  1. The discussion is good. The discussants are trying to investigate different possibilities as to how the wayyane is going to repress the people. That is ok but it is too much. You are indirectly advising the wayyane what action is best for them. Please discuss different alternatives on how the people should and should not react. The resistance has to move over to forceful removal of the wayyane. How do we do this. This should be main agenda of such a discussion. We have to get rid of the wayyane quickly and prepare for what to replace it is the most important. Thank you for your discussion.


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