Afar region police reportedly killed about 50 Amharas : Amhara Resistance Activists

October 10,2016

Amhara Resistance activist reported that about fifty Amhara youth are killed by Afar region police.In the report which appeared in the form of status update on social media, the activists cited sources from Woldiya Hospital. And 100 young men are still in the hospital. Woldiya town is located about 520 kilometers North of the capital Addis Ababa. Seemingly the youth are predominantly from Wollo.

How did that happen?

Two hundred youth mainly from Wollo region were en route to Djibouti via Mile, in Afar region, packed in truck lorry container. And the truck fell over the area and Afar police were seemingly on site.

How and why police killed the youth is not clear.

So far no other sources reported about it and borkena is trying to connect with sources from Woldiya.

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