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Ethiopia : Addis Ababa University Lecturers demolish the concept of region [Must Listen]

October 7, 2016

Toronto – As the regime in Ethiopia is flexing its muscle with determination to control widespread protest in Ethiopia rather than addressing the political and economic demands, it is also exploiting ethnic difference as a means to promote conflict – supposedly to weaken the popular movement and solidarity between different language speaking groups mainly Amhara and Oromo.


Ethnic politics is, so to speak, given structure at different levels. More than what the current Ethiopian constitution refers to as “nations and nationalities”, it is a reference to different language groups, the regime in power benefited from it.

It is clear to anyone that follows Ethiopian politics that one of the things that stands that has become a roadblock to freedom from the current minority regime is ethnic politics- the administrative basis of which is “kilil” -translates as region(it is based on language).

In a meeting organized by the regime at Addis Ababa University, a language professor demystifies the notion of “kilil” (region). The audio above contains the gist of his message. It is widely shared in the past two days.


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