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One American women killed, another injured in Ethiopia

October 4 ,2016

LandMark Hospital In Addis Ababa, Ethiopia  Source :Ethiovisit
LandMark Hospital In Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Source :Ethiovisit

An American women is reportedly killed in Ethiopia. The van she was in along with seven other foreigners was apparently stoned. From an eye witness account who spoke to Ethiopian Satellite Television, the victim was in rear seat of the van. Another American women seated next to her was also in the same hospital after she sustained injury,not life threatening, from the attack.

It happened in Holeta, just 39 kilometers west of the capital Addis Ababa. There has been a protest, like many other towns in Oromia region, in Holeta after 678 people were killed in stampede caused by security forces and suffocation from smoke sprayed from a helicopter deployed by security forces during Ireecha religious festival on Sunday.
Ethiopian Satelite Television, US based community television network with a huge audience in Ethiopia and abroad, spoke to Landmark Hospital officials in the capital to confirm the death of the American women. Indeed, the identity the victim is identified as an American women but no name as yet.

American Embassy in Addis Ababa is informed about the tragic incident.

At this writing, no entity claimed responsibility. And the attackers are not identified.

The has been report that regime in Ethiopia deployed forces in many towns in Oromia region to quell down protest over what is now described by opposition forces as Ireecha Massacre.


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  1. The rulers in Addis at least at this time must use their intelligence and call for a round table conversation to do the brain storming to solve the dire humanitarian problem because the string of love that connects them with the nation of Ethiopia is long broken. Yes the for 25 years sittingand discussing with all representatives of the faultless Ethiopians has been a nightmare for the rulers. But that fear has now turned to hatred. And with hate only Hitler kind of killing machine can develop. I think the rulers at Addis must impose some kind of pose for themselves to cool their heads that is at this moment boiling with hatred targeted at the blameless noble nation of Ethiopia.


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