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Ethiopia : Jimma prison rocked with gunfire following alleged fire incident

October 5,2016


Fire reportedly broke out in a prison in Jimma, a town in south western in Oromia region Ethiopia. From video released by Ethiopian Satellite Television (see above), intense gun fire is heard. Voice of the person speaking in the video is changed in an apparent effort to protect the anonymity of the informant.

ESAT did not report as to what caused the fire.

It is not clear either if there is/are causality from the incident. In less than a month or so of time, this is the second major prison fire.

It is to be recalled that fire from Qilinto Maximum security prison left dozens of inmates burned to death. Some victims were however shot dead by prison guards which is probably what could happen in Jimma prison too. Before Qilinto prison fire, prisons in Bahir Dar and Debre Tabor, in the Amhara regions of Ethiopia, were burned in what appeared to be an act of arson.

From previous incidents, fire and emergency plan of the administration is very poor across the country. For example the fire in Gonder market, it was clearly an arson, reduced about 420 stores to nothing.

Video credit : ESAT

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