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Ethiopia : New Video shows evidence Agazi fired against crowed during Ireecha

October 4,2016

New video released today shows evidence that Agazi forces fired against the crowed during Ireecha festival in Debre Zeit (Bishoftu)

Main stream media reported the incident as if deaths of civilians is caused by stampede in its entirety. Significant details that could help show as to what exactly happened a little before the commencement of the festival around 9 :00 am local time are left out.

Reports by foreign media essentially tallies with report by state controlled media in Ethiopia. For example, most media outlets reported as if that the number of causality is well below 100. Where as verified figure from Oromo Federalist Congress, an apposition party with a huge following, indicates that the number of deaths is 678.


Besides chemical gas sprayed from above by helicopters is left out from many reports.

The point is the tragey is not just stampede. Opposition activists called it massacre,rightly, and the hashtag #IreechaMassacre is used in social media to emphasize the nature of the tragedy.

Funeral was held for most of the victims in many towns yesterday. Videos and pictures in social media show that, in some cases, funeral procession that turned out to be protest rallies.

Video : Social Media


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