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Ethiopia : Funeral and protest

October 3 ,2016

Funeral for one of the victims from Sebeta, Alemgena. Source : Social Media

Victims of Ireecha massacre are buried across many towns in Oromia region of Ethiopia.

Soon after burial is completed, renewed popular revolt broke out in many towns. As anticipated and as usual, the regime responded to demonstrations with military forces.

In the town of Dembi Dollo, at least two civilians are reported killed. More protests are coming in many areas of Oromia regions of Ethiopia.


Meanwhile, regime reportedly released thousands of Amhara youth who have been detained in Birsheleko in a very harsh environment and under circumstances of tortures conditions. The youth, according to Amhara reistance, vowed to continue their resistance against the Tigray People’s Liberation Front Government.

Hundreds of Amhara youth have been killed in since July and many are still unaccounted for.

Members of the armed force stationed in Amhara regions are reportedly deserting with their guns according to citizen journalists with links to Amhara resistance movement.

Young men and women in Amhara regions carried out bitter resistance struggle against TPLF for months. Seems that the resistance is likely to re-surge despite unprecedented military attack on civilians in the region.


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