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Meeting at Gondar University : Amhara Resistance

By Achamyeleh Tamiru,
Amhara Resistance
September 30,2016

The meeting at Gondar University that was called for yesterday September 29, 2016 was a blow to the fascist regime. The academic staff were silent and the speakers of the meeting were literally begging the staff to speak. Tigrian staff members tried to break the silence but the entire staff stopped them immediately.

The two staff members who tried to speak were Dawit, a vice dean of the college of medicine and health sciences and the other is Yemane who is a lecturer at the department of Economics. After they were stopped, the meeting was adjourned. The meeting organizers have told the staff “to think” about speaking what they thin[k] for the following day meeting.

Today morning has been star[t]ed at 8.30 but it was discontinued at 9.10. The reason for the discontinuation is that Dr. Shintayehu W/Michael disappointed the audiences; he tried to answer unquestioned questions. The audiences tried to aware [of]him that he was not on the right track by yelling at him. Shamelessly, he continued talking what he was loaded by his lords, TPLF genocide masterminds. Finally, all the audiences get out of the hall. The afternoon schedule is set to discuss ‘the university’s 2008 E.C [Ethiopian Calendar ] FY report and the 2009 E.C FY plan’ but the furious teachers are planning to boycott the session.

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Cover Photo : Gonder University Logo



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