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Regime in Ethiopia announced promotion in the military

September 29,2016

Military officers  Source : Horn Affairs
Military officers
Source : Horn Affairs

Regime in Ethiopia announced military promotions. From pro-TPLF government media, Fana, report, twelve military officers with a rank of brigadier general are promoted to Major General and twenty five officers with a rank of colonel promoted to brigadier general rank.

One of the major demands for change in the ongoing popular revolt is an end to domination of governmental institutions by Tigray People’s Liberation Front. Defense force and security apparatus are often times singled out for being an institutions entirely dominated by Tigreans – ethnic base of the regime which constitute only less than six percent of the total population of Ethiopia. Two senior TPLF politicians, Seyoum Mesfin and Abay Tsehaye, denied the fact when they appear in the sate television a few weeks ago. They even went to the extent of claiming that the defense force and security/intelligence apparatus are the most divers as an institutions.

[adToAppearHere]Fana report lists the names of promoted officers. On the surface, it seems that the regime wanted to create the impression that disenchantment about ethnic diversity in the ranks of the military is a matter of concern and changing along the direction of people’s demand. The list from Fana report,however, does not tell the roles of the generals.

There have been allegations,proven ones in fact, that point to cases where Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) government used Tigreans as politicians and in the security apparatus with names that does not sound like names from Tigray.

Based on political conversations that tend to reflect sentiments and beliefs that resonated during the course of popular revolt in the entire country, the changes sound to little and irrelevant.

Major issues in the areas of identity and administrative questions, for example like in the case of Wolkait and konso respectively, met with military brutes.


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