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Regime in Ethiopia crafting new political ground outside of Tigray

September 27,2016

In what seems to be a move to demonstrate control of political ground outside of Tigray, the regime in Ethiopia orchestrated a demonstration in Jijiga town of the Somali region of Ethiopia today.

Video footage aired in state television,Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation, shows thousands of Somalis demonstrating in support of the regime in power. Opposition groups outside of the country, Ginbot 7 party whose chairman was once Bucknell University economics professor, and Oromo Liberation Front (OLF), which many Ethiopians consider TPLF style ethnic based radical party, are condemned by protesters in Jijiga.

The assumption within Tigray People’s Liberation Front is that the popular revolt in Amhara and Oromia regions has something to do with “Anti-Peace forces” – euphemism for Ginbot 7 & OLF. This account, however, does make little or no sense for people outside TPLF party members.

The ruling Tigray People’s Liberation Front, those who tend to show political correctness call it EPRDF, has entirely lost ground in Amhara and Oromia regions. Entire Gambella region and most regions in Southern Ethiopia are not places that TPLF can count on either.

It is after loosing ground in the rest of the country that the Tigray based regime shifted mounting propaganda campaigns to the Somali and Afar regions of Ethiopia.

Located in the South Eastern Part of Ethiopia and one of the least populated areas in the country, Somali region made headlines in state television and pro-government media outlets when it donated 10 million Ethiopian birr in support of what government media described as Tigrayans displaced from Gonder region because of ethnic based attack by Amharas.

Radio station based in the diaspora, Wazema, cited diplomatic sources to reveal that alleged displacement of Tigrayans from Amhara region to Sudan, to be resettled back in Tigray, was in fact an orchestrated TPLF political project to instigate sense of insecurity among Tigreans and the project was carried out by Tigray region security apparatus -among other entities.

Not too long ago, Somali region itself was one of the places where the regime carried out worst atrocities in relation to Ogaden National Liberation Front insurgency activities. There were cases where entire village was totally obliterated regime security forces.

Ethiopian political observers and activists speculate that the next pro TPLF demonstration are likely to be orchestrated in Afar region of Ethiopia.


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