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Ethiopian actor seeking asylum in the United States

September 26,2016

Zenah-Bzu Source : BBC
Source : BBC

BBC report which cited ZeHabesha website seem to confirm that prominent Ethiopian actor Znah-Bzu Tsegaye is seeking asylum in the United States. For more than two weeks now, Ethiopians in social media rumoured that Znah-Bzu told his confidants in the United States, where he is currently staying, that he does not have intentions to return to Ethiopia.

Znah-Bzu was seen during the huge demonstration by Ethiopians in Washington DC last week. Among others, he acted in a weekly “Sew Le Sew”series -aired on what is now Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation TV- government owned station.

As it turns out, indeed the actor is not returning to Ethiopia on grounds that he fears persecution by security forces of the regime. Olympic Silver Medalist Feyisa Lilesa opted for not returning to Ethiopia on similar grounds after he showed protest sign as he crossed the marathon finishing line.

Citing ZeHabesha, BBC report quoted Znah-Bzu as saying that he left Ethiopia because of “repeated harassment and for being Amhara”

BBC also mentioned his interview with the Voice of America Amharic service where he explicitly referred to atrocities committed by Ethiopian security forces and that he decided not to return to Ethiopia so long as the regime is in power.

From conversations on social media, Ethiopians seem to be optimistic that they see the end of the regime in power very soon.

Many Ethiopians singers have cancelled scheduled concerts for the Ethiopian New Year because of killings of hundreds of civilians.




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