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Ethiopia : Young lady abducted by regime forces in Gonder

September 19,2016

Nigist Yirga
Nigist Yirga

Young lady in her early twenties is reportedly abducted in Gonder. Muluken Tesfaw, journalist by profession, who has been covering news of popular resistance in Gonder and Gojam ( it’s also known as Amhara Resistance has got the hashtag #AmharaResistance on twitter) reported that the young lady was abducted by regime security forces.

The report identified her as Nigist Yirga (pictured above). She has been very vocal and one of key self-motivated organizer of the resistance movement in Gonder and she is known in the in city. When regime forces came to abduct colonel Demeke Zewdu, one of the committee member of Wolqaite question, she was in the front line of resistance movement to defend defend him from armed militias of the regime in power who were sent to abduct him.

Nigist is reportedly taken to the notorious torture chamber, Qaliti, in the capital Addis Ababa. According to the report, she was abducted last Friday as she was heading to Sanja, where she lives, from Gonder.

The regime in Ethiopia intensified crackdown in the Amhara region. Thousands of youth are taken to detention centers simply because they took part in the popular resistance.


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