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Ethiopia : A Prelude for Genocide – Disarming the Target

By Dejenie A. Lakew
September 14,2016

Those who do not learn from history are doomed to pass through the tragedy of the past again and again. All those psychotic antisocial individuals in history: Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot, disarmed their perceived domestic enemies of delusion and carried out a planed and prolonged, unprecedented genocide on their own people. Hitler disarmed specifically the Jews and eliminated them with fire, gas chambers and make them rotten in prisons and starved to death as they remain defenseless. The same is true with Stalin after disarming his perceived local enemies, millions of Russians were brutally massacred and starved to death for extended numbers of years which later, Mao and Pol Pot of Cambodia committed similar crimes of genocide. In such times where the group in power are extremely psychotic and delusional with minimal intellect to think and reason intertwined with lack of virtues will bring the heinous and most brutal animal out of them to commit an imaginable crimes and giving your weapons and be defenseless as a social group who always perceived as their enemy is to let genocide be committed on you.

The genesis children’s document of the Tigray TPLF declares that the Amhara people as the innate enemy of the Tigray people to be dealt with, be eliminated from every aspect of political, social and economic life of Ethiopia including from the lands we live, and carry out a planed, concerted, direct and covert actions against us for the last 25 years and knowing this gives us a warning of the utmost priority not only to keep your firearms with you but to arm your selves to the fullest to defend your selves, your communities and your country. After some 25 years of open declaration of enmity, perpetual attacks, displacements and genocide, this drum of attack on the Amhara people is being replayed unabated by ranks and files of this mercenary group, declaring the questions the Amharas are asking today, reclaiming their natural territories of Welqayt Tegede and Telemt of Gondar, Agew Midr of Gojam, Raya of Wello as threats to TPLF and to its conglomerates of thieves to put back in to their own territory, a truth which they should accept but chose to die along with the ambitions of falsehood and thievery than to be ruled by judgments of history and truth. Society lives for ever but governments are temporary specially those which are thieves. lairs, antisocial and dividers for their owns sake.

It is therefore a call of warning of the highest priority to the Amhara people not to give your firearms, the only immediate defender against the illegitimate ethnocentric and delusional group TPLF that is making a planned move to commit genocide against you which by the way is still committing genocide in small scale.

When such a mindless and brutal enemy rules your territory, your freedom is always bound to your constant guardian and protection, else you succumb to genocide and abuse of the highest order in every parameter of humanity.

The fight against TPLF will continue until its demise !
Ethiopia Shall Always Live !

Dejenie A. Lakew could be reached on Facebook



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