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Ethiopian Ambassador to the US allegedly punched two young men in his residence

September 12, 2016

Girma Birru - "Ethiopia's" Ambassador to the United States Source : The Habesga
Girma Birru – “Ethiopia’s” Ambassador to the United States
Source : The Habesha

Girma Biru , Ethiopians Ambassador to the US, reportedly attacked two young men of Ethiopian Origin. An update shared by Jawar Mohammed, he calls himself Oromo activist and many Ethiopians of Oromo origin seem to see him that way, indicate that the incident happened in his residence, not chancery.

According to the update,two young Ethiopians of Oromo origin, they are identified as Kiya and Eden, made their way to the ambassador’s residence and managed to sneak to the premise.

Then, they, says the update, called the Amhassador out the Ambassador and asked him as to how he calls himself an Oromo – seemingly implying that the ambassador is serving a regime that is killing Oromos ( in recent weeks killing was more intense in Amhara region of Ethiopia).

What happened next is probably something that one can not imagine – if the report is true. Girma Birru and the women who came out with him from inside the house started punching the young men who were, apparently, on a mission to protest. There is a claim that the two young men took footage of the incident and they tend to pursue the matter legally.

The website could not establish, at this point in time, if the incident happened. Embassy of Ethiopia website contains no update regarding the incident.

We will keep you posted if the footage becomes available.


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  1. If they trespassed on his private residence then they actually got what they deserved. If this was Texas or Oklahoma he got have shot them and totally walked away with out charges. I understand that people are frustrated. I totally support the uprising that is going on. But also for those of us this US know what you are doing. Don’t trespass on a persons property and call foul when you were in the wrong. One love one Ethiopia


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