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Teddy Afro postponed New CD release ; other singers cancelled new year concerts

September 9,2016

Teddy Afro Source :Facebook page of Dereje Habtewold
Teddy Afro
Source :Facebook page of Dereje Habtewold

Toronto – For nearly a year now, fans and Amharic music lovers alike were anticipating that Teddy Afro – arguably most talented and respected singer of this generation – would release song in the Ethiopian new year (just three days away).

Today, Teddy Afro made news ,somehow this was expected too,that he postponed new CD release which was meant to happen in the Ethiopian new year. The decision resonated well with Ethiopians and earned Teddy Afro an even more respect.

Reason? Ethiopians are mourning brutal killings of hundreds of civilians in the Amhara and Omoria regions of Ethiopia after the ruling Tigray People Liberation Front party deployed armed forces with “shot to kill” order against civilian protesters.

The belief that it is not time for music and celebration ; it is time to mourn fellow Ethiopians who are indiscriminately killed for protesting peacefully seem to have taken root.

Nearly all renowned singers in Ethiopia and outside of the country have cancelled their Ethiopian New Year concerts owing to a grief hovering in Ethiopia.

Last week, US based Ethiopian singer Abby Lakew announced that she cancelled concerts in four US cities – Dallas, Chicago,Atlanta and Las Vegas – and called on Ethiopians to pray for Ethiopia. Thereafter, others followed suit.

Teddy Afro writes his own songs. Lyrics are very deep often times with messages of wisdom.


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