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Ethiopians took control of embassy in Washington DC

September 9,2016

Ethiopians took control of embassy in Washington DC

Ethiopian embassies in London and Stockholm were occupied by protesters this morning. This evening the turn was for embassy in Washington DC.

Flag with pentagram used by the ruling party is removed and replaced by Ethiopian tricolor -lived for centuries before Tigray People’s Liberation Front took power twenty five years ago. In 2014, diplomatic personnel in the Ethiopian Embassy in Washington opened fire in the embassy premise when protesters removed what Ethiopians say TPLF flag to replace it with Ethiopia’s historical flag.

Speculations are surfacing that more embassies will face similar fates in the weeks to come, if not in the days to come.

At the backdrop of the renewed protest by Ethiopians in European and North American cities is what many Ethiopians, including the writer, believed to be genocide in Amhara and Oromo regions of Ethiopia after prime minister Hailemariam Desalegne deployed and ordered armed forces to take “appropriate actions” against peaceful protesters in the regions of Ethiopia mentioned above. In consequence, hundreds of civilians including children and women are killed. In fact, there appear to be unreported deaths -especially in the Amhara region of Ethiopia -where there is a war like situation in some places.

People in many parts of Ethiopia are undertaking a stay-at-home protest for more than a week now.

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