Mulugeta Gulma – Great intellectual who dashed Meles Zenawi’s logic of ethnic politics passed away

September 7 ,2016

Video of Meles Zenawi’s meeting with Addis Ababa University lectures about two or so decades ago in one of the most widely shared video content among the Ethiopians in the cyber world.

Most popular personality in the video was not Meles Zenawi. It was an, then, Addis Ababa University lecturer who spoke Meles Zenawi to the eye ,in a packed hall full of Ethiopian intellectuals and Zenawi’s friends and cadres,that Meles’ party over-inflamed ethnic politics in Ethiopia and, if not loosened to its natural level, could have disastrous consequence and reach to a point of no return.

Now,sadly after his death, many Ethiopians in social media came to know that his name is Mulugeta Gulma – who was from Oromo speaking parts of Ethiopia who rather emphasized his Ethiopian identity.

An Ethiopian on twitter who uses twitter the handle – @nazrawi1 – broke the news that Mulugeta Gulma, whom he described as a childhood friend, passed away. The news is also shared on facebook but is not verified from other sources.

Mulugeta apparently lived and died in Ethiopia. From MuluGeta Gulma’s LinkedIn profile shared by his friend, he worked in Africa Beza college. He passed away in a private clinic in Addis Ababa.

The political thought he articulated in the face of Meles Zenawi will, no doubt, go a long way even in the future. With a pacifist and reconciliatory tone, he advised Zenawi and his friends that ethnic politics with governmental structural and administrative support is unnecessary to Ethiopia.

This weekend, former Prime Minister Tamrat Layne, who was once of Zenawi’s friends, hinted that one of the ways out of current political chaos in Ethiopia is to reconsider the Federal structure and an end ethnic based political entity to within the ruling TPLF party.


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