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Popular singer Abby Lakew cancelled concerts in the US because of killings in Ethiopia

September 3,2016

Abby Lakew Source : Facebook page of Abby Lakew
Abby Lakew
Source : Facebook page of Abby Lakew

Toronto – In an update on her facebook page, popular singer Abby Lakew announced that her Ethiopian New Year concerts in cities in the United States are cancelled.

Abby won so thousands of fans after she released her Amharic single “Yene habesha” -translates to “my habesah.” Although some people demonstrate reservation in the use of the noun habehsa on grounds related to perception of the name in the Middle East, majority of Ethiopians use it with passion and think of it as a name that represents pride and invincibility.

Seemingly tickets were ready for sale and advertising works well under way for concerts in Dallas, Chicago,Atlanta and Las Vegas. Ethiopian New year falls on September 11 of the Gregorian Calendar. A week before and after the new year day are normally festive. But this year Ethiopia is stricken by tragedy following armed forces killed hundreds of civilians.

“Prayer is the best answer against all trials and now it’s time to pray! Let’s all pray for Ethiopia. Let’s all play for my people…” wrote singer Abby.

In what appears to be outrage about civilians killings that has been going on in most parts of Ethiopia, recently intensified in Amhara and Oromo regions of Ethiopia, Abby wrote what regime supporters could understand as a political statement : “All people should be treated equally, with the same rights, dignity and human rights.”

Armed forces with heavy weaponry, artillery and tanks, were mobilized and deployed to Amhara region of Ethiopia against popular revolt with the demanded for an end to corrupt and tyrannical Tigray Peopole Liberation Front (TPLF) led government. Many activists accuse the regime of committing genocide against Amhara people.

In the past couple of days alone at least 40 civilians are killed. Many more cases of unreported causalities are expected due of communication black out imposed by the regime in the area.


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