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Reste Mebratu new interview with ESAT [Amharic]

September 1,2016

Reste Mebratu New interview with ESAT. She speaks about the identity of Wolqaite and her experience with TPLF as a guerrilla combatant.


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  1. pleas remove from the page Reste mebratu , she is one of the woyane, killer, banda I don’t have enough word’s to explain her, do not give her a chance to open her mouth, she need to learn from her mistake, selling the land to the woyene, & pleas watch your mouth u insulting our hero TAMAGNE BEYENE, & THE OTHE TRUE ETHIOPINS. FRIST fix your mind & go to school, & finished, the 3rd grad you stop 40 years ago. you know what you will rep what you sow. I don’t have enough word’s to explain you.


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