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Ethiopian Airlines transporting TPLF forces to Bahir Dar : ESAT

By Engidu Woldie
September 2,2016

The TPLF regime is using a civilian airlines, The Ethiopian Airlines, to transport its army to the Amhara region where hundreds of people were murdered by TPLF snipers in the last few weeks alone. The TPLF forces got the shoot to kill order by regime officials including the Prime Minister, Hailemariam Desalegn, who said on Wednesday that he had ordered security forces to use deadly force against protesters in the Amhara region who demanded an end to the tyrannical regime. A number of Ethiopian bloggers and political commentators say the Premier’s statement tantamount to a war declared on the people of Amhara.

A source from Bahir Dar who spoke to ESAT said over a thousand troops have arrived at the city airport on Thursday and had received instructions from the Chief of Staff, Samora Yunis, who established a command post in the city two days ago. The forces were warned against mingling with the public, the source said.

Meanwhile, the killings by TPLF forces against civilians in the Amhara region continued on Thursday as dozens of people lost their lives in the hands of the brutal forces.

In Amba Giorgis, TPLF forces shot and killed at least 26 people in the last two days alone. An eyewitness told ESAT that he suspect some of the soldiers were mercenaries bought by the regime to carry out the massacre. The source did not say about the origins of the mercenaries but residents of Amba Giorgis believe they were Sudanese border security turned mercenaries by the TPLF. The forces also went door to door, beating residents. Most of the youth in Amba Giorgis were hiding in nearby forest to escape the massacre, the witness said adding that the town was under a complete siege by the forces.

In Metema, a town bordering Sudan, regime forces killed at least 10 and wounded 20 on Wednesday. Telephone lines were cut on Thursday and ESAT could not reach its sources for updates.
In Chagni, Awi zone, 2 people were killed and 7 injured as TPLF forces shot indiscriminately at the residents.
The town of Abderafi with 20,000 residents was totally besieged by the forces. Roads were blocked by the forces who moved artilleries and tanks into the town.

Prisoners escaped from a prison in Debretabor as it caught fire on Thursday. It was not clear how many of the prisoners had managed to escape but prison guards were seen shooting at the detainees who were running away from the fire. Gun fire could be heard all day in Debretabor.

In the meantime, 3,500 members of the Amhara National Democratic Movement (ANDM), a member of the ruling coalition EPRDF, walked out of a meeting called by officials of the regime. The meeting in Dessie was presided over by Amb. Genet Zewdie and Minister of Industry, Ahmed Abitew who said the irredentism by the people of Wolkait, Tegede and Telemt was orchestrated by outside forces bent on removing the regime by force. Angered by his remark, the over 3,500 members walked out of the meeting.

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