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Ethiopia – Debre Tabor prison fire ; unknown number of inmates feared dead

September 2 ,2016

video credit social media

Debre Tabor prison is set on fire. While hundreds of inmates reportedly struggled to escape following massive fire in the prison, many others are reportedly shot by deployed forces as they try to escape.

ESAT cited what it called credible sources from Debre Tabor, a town in southern Gonder, sniper Agazi forces were shooting to kill prisoners. Reports in social media with links in Debre Tabor claim that a significant number of prissiness are freed despite death of unknown number of inmates during confrontation with Agazi forces. Prison guards apparently did not have a hand in the deaths of inmates.

Seemingly, no indication suggesting that the fire is related to prison break situation.

Informants from the town say that the prison in Gonder was under siege by Agazi forces well before fire stared to blaze the facility.

Apart from prisoners, loyal Agazi force are reportedly killed civilians indiscriminately in the town of Debre Tabor. Children and seniors are among the victims.

Defense force is deployed in the town since the end of last week after Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegne ordered defense force to be deployed in Gonder and Gojam – Amhara regions of Ethiopia.

As in most towns in Gonder and Gojam, there has been a stay at home protest in the town for most part of last week.

Last week, a couple of days ago fighting broke out between armed peasants and prison guards (supported by Agazi forces) in Sebatmit prison in Bahir Dar and 700 inmates were reportedly freed.

Cover photo ; Screenshot of video

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